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Yesterday I introduced you to John Pepe, owner of Pepe Tile and Installation. He comes up in the number two position for a Google search on “south jersey tile.” I showed you what he did right to earn that position, and talked about a few things he could be doing better. In this article, I’ll cover what he could be doing to dominate his local search space in depth, and give you plenty of suggestions that you can apply to your own website.

So what steps should Pepe take to dominate local SEO?

1) The main site, Pepe Tile and Installation, has to be cleaned up with a much better look and feel. This could easily be done with nearly zero technical know-how by simply using WordPress and a clean-looking two-column theme. As I mentioned yesterday, a better logo for his company could probably be done for as little as $50, and that should also be considered a “must.”

2) Once WordPress is being used, put links to the social networks that he’s using way up top in the sidebar. Use simple 32×32 icons for each of them, and make sure they are linked properly to the profile pages, so people can follow him.

3) Put links to his listings on Google Places, SuperPages, Yelp, and CityVoter. If he doesn’t have accounts at all of these, he should create them. Again, use simple 32X32 icons for these will allow anyone to quickly see user reviews.

At this point, I am going to move to how he can become the undisputed local authority.

I want to reiterate something before I start. These steps could literally be done by anyone in any local market to achieve success. I am using this site only as an example; the steps, however, will work for any site.

4) Offer a small discount to every single customer he does business with from now on if they’ll leave a review and a comment on his Google Places page. His focus should be there, unless his customer has an account somewhere else. In that case, he should give a

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