How To Find Influential Local People For Your Business With Social Media

find local influential people for business on social mediaGreat post from Social Media Examiner about finding the right influential people to help your business using social media.

I have my own experience of how this works. Nearly three years ago, I was friended and contacted by the Sales Manager of Keltic Clothing via LinkedIn. He had noticed that I was a lollipop lady who worked for Southend Borough Council and he wanted to know if I could help him get his products seen by my manager.

I hated my uniform at that time. It was too big and the way it hung on my shoulders was causing me all sorts of postural problems. Not only was I continually lifting and rotating the weight of my lollipop pole but an extremely heavy coat as well.

Worse still, it was not waterproof. I would get home after standing for an hour in a torrential downpour and have to completely change the clothes underneath, as well as rescuing my mobile phone and any sodden tissues or banknotes from the pockets. Five hours later, I would have to don the soaking garment once again and go back out into it. Cue another change of clothing on my return.

The hood arrangement was from a design that I used to encounter when I was a small child. Two ties with a bead on each end which was supposed to stop them from coming undone. Fail on all fronts. In windy weather, the ties would slip apart and the hood would fall down, distracting me from the job in hand as I tried to keep my hair and glasses dry.

Being a sailor, I know that it is possible to get waterproof wet weather gear which protects you from the vicissitudes of the British climate and this outfit was not cutting it!

After explaining the situation and getting permission from my supervisor, he sent me an XS

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