Is Your Authority Site Safe From Negative SEO? A Look At PRWEB And PRNewswire

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Last month I wrote an article about Google’s payday loan update which seemed to hit several sites but bypassed YouTube.

This month I have decided to go and take a look at two of the most popular press release sites and see if they have recovered from the penalty.

The 1st site I looked at was PR Newswire, who was getting an estimated 441,000 organic visits per month in May before the penalty. As you can see in the image below they are now driving an estimated 47,800 organic visits per month to the site after the penalty.

 pr newswire traffic

The 2nd site I have been monitoring is PR Web, one of the other big players in the Press Release niche. PR Web was getting a whopping 760,000+ estimated organic visits per month in May and since the penalty they are getting just over 34,000 estimated organic visits.

prweb traffic

Due to these penalties both press releases companies have made sweeping changes to what they will allow to be covered in their releases moving forward.

For instance neither agency will allow releases to be published about HCG, Green Coffee Beans, Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia, Electronic Cigarettes or Payday Loans.

Most of these products Google will happily to advertise for profit, as seen in the image below.


If you think about the implication of these penalties it should also make it pretty clear that negative seo can be applied to most anyone, regardless of the size, age or reputation of the site in question.

Let’s put this in perspective, both of these sites have millions of existing links pointing to them over the course of several years

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Create A Facebook Business Page – Don’t Be An FB Criminal!

Create a Facebook Business Page
Create a Facebook Business Page

So when you create a Facebook account – that’s your personal profile.

It’s where you make friends and put up status updates that are personal.

If you want to promote your business, you should create a Facebook business page.

Otherwise, your friends get very fed up with you. And Facebook might close your personal profile down. They don’t want you promoting your business for free to your friends! They want you to buy ads.

There are two big rules to stop you becoming a Facebook criminal.

  • You can only have one login to Facebook which must be your personal profile
  • People have friends, businesses have fans. Don’t use a personal profile for your business

Create a Facebook Business Page

So, when you come to create a Facebook business page, you need to

Log in using your personal profile details.

Now click this link. It will take you to a page showing the types of page that you can choose from.

  • Local Business
  • Company or Institution
  • Product or Service
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Community Page

Create a Facebook Business page under the correct classificaton and category

Choose what classification you want to create a Facebook business page to be listed under. Then select the category option and choose the category that best describes what your business does.

If you are a local business, it’s good to select that option as it will allow certain features that some of the others do not – the ability to show opening times, address and phone number. And the Facebook Review function.

If you’re a local business that Continue reading

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No Such Thing As Bad Publicity… The Union Street Guesthouse

Whilst we were on our summer break, we purchased The Guardian one day in Waitrose.

Well, strictly speaking, we didn’t because it was free if you spent a certain amount of money.

But we were on holiday and we don’t normally have time to sit and read the newspaper from cover to cover as we did that day, lounging on the sofa with a cup of tea and a ginger biscuit.

Relaxing with not a computer in sight.

In one of the sections, there was a piece by Pete Cashmore about the Union Street Guesthouse.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, the Union Street Guesthouse decided to do some reputation management control. Their strategy was to add a penalty charge of $500 to the bill of anyone who left a bad review.

This had an effect they perhaps might not have intended.

The news got out and so the reviews rolled in thick and fast on free review sites like Yelp

Jon and I had a lot of fun giggling at references, amongst other things, to genitalia mysteriously vanishing during the night of one guest’s stay.

A few weeks on, whilst the hotel may still be smarting from some of the press, Local expert Mike Blumenthal reports that hits and links to their website have gone through the roof. So, what should they do now to make the most of the publicity but regain their reputation?

Read Mike’s advice here.

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Stalking Daniel Evans on LinkedIn

I was watching an interesting webinar on how to make sure that your connections include influencers and referrers who will become a lead generator for your business.

And it was with some surprise that the organiser suddenly started showing the LinkedIn profile of my own insurance broker, Daniel Evans!

Besides being a great insurance man, I know that Dan is an enthusiastic networker so it should not have surprised me that he came up top for a search term relating to insurance providers in London. But it was still a bit of a shock to be learning how I could go about contacting him if he was not already one of my connections.

So, for those of you who have found someone on LinkedIn that you feel would be an ideal influencer or referrer for your business if they only knew you, here’s what you need to do.

Get Introduced on LinkedIn

Go to their profile on LinkedIn and look in the sidebar on the right hand side.

You should see a section which shows people that you have in common with the subject of your stalking.

You will then see the option to Get Introduced.


Alternatively, you can click the drop down menu next to the Connect button in their profile. Click on Get Introduced.

If there is more than one person that you both have as a connection, you will be able to scroll down a list to choose the person you think is most likely to make the best introduction.

Click on that person and you will start to go through the Get Introduced process. Remember, whatever you put in your request to be introduced may also be seen by the subject of your request. So don’t put something like ‘I know he’s an idiot, but can you introduce me to *** because I think he might be able to refer lots of people to my business*. You get the picture?

Hopefully, the person you have asked to do the introducing will agree and press the button that asks the subject of this process to agree to connect with you.


A different

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Facebook Messenger And Ways To Avoid Chatheads

I hate Facebook Messenger. And I hate the fact that Facebook force me to install it as an app on my mobile phone if I want to view any of the private messages that are sent to me.

They show the little number above the envelope but, when I try to click and view, I am unable to see the message unless I download Facebook Messenger.

Facebook make it sound like it’s nothing to worry about.

But I am getting more and more worried about these apps which purport to be helpful whilst trying to access my personal life.

Why so antsy about Facebook Messenger, Jo?

Well, apart from the fact that I hate it when I am MADE to do something and given no choice, Facebook Messenger then starts to take over your phone. It adds little pictures of people who have sent you messages to screens that are not related to social media. Apparently, these are called Chat Heads.

Yes, I know you can switch chat heads off. But it’s still Facebook taking over parts of my phone where they have no right to be.

But also, I hate Facebook Messenger because of the privacy issues. Before installing it, I was asked to agree to a lot of permissions that I don’t fully understand. That makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like apps period because of permissions. You cannot retrospectively withdraw permission to use information they have gleaned prior to your uninstalling any app – unless you get in touch with the developers direct.

My previous concerns were as nothing to the alarm I felt when I saw that I was now giving the app access to my camera and microphone. In the light of earlier issues with Facebook wanting to be able to recognise background sounds so they could attach feelings and behaviour to our status updates.

For example, I post a status update on my mobile and Facebook can hear Game of Thrones playing in the background so it adds something

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Vishing – Telephone Banking Fraud

We received a communication from the Co-operative Bank recently talking about Vishing.

Obtaining personal information over the telephone in order to commit a fraud has been around for a while but this is the first time I have heard it called vishing. We are warned that such a call could appear to be from your bank or other financial institution or even the Police.

What is Vishing?

It can appear to be a legitimate call but these fraudsters use extremely sophisticated technology to mask the number that appears on your phone. They will take a lot of time to gain your trust but there are several tricks to watch out for:

  • saying that a fraud has been detected on your account and using your natural concern to get something done quickly to stop the fraud. They may ask you to transfer some money into another account. The Co-op remind us that any bank or the Police will NEVER ask you to transfer money to another account OR withdraw it from a cashpoint.
  • some will try to gain your trust by suggesting that you hang up and dial the official number that you regularly use for your bank. If they do not hang up their phone, they maintain the connection to you so whatever number you dial, you are still speaking to the fraudster.
  • your bank will NEVER ask you to enter your PIN into your telephone handset. Although this may sound like a normal security procedure, it is just a way of stealing your pin number
  • your bank will NEVER ask you to put your card and PIN into separate envelopes to be collected by a courier or bank employee and they will also never ask you to buy goods with your card and hand them over to a courier or bank employee for safe keeping


Most people are aware of phishing – where you receive an ‘urgent’ email purporting to be from your bank or financial institution which encourages you to click on a link and input your login info giving the criminals those details.

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What Personal Information Have You Given Away?

Infographic about what personal information you may have given away and where you did it.

Big data is big business. You need to think carefully about what you put on your social media profiles and what you upload to social media.

But you also need to think carefully when you are filling product registration forms. No longer do these go back to the company who manufactured the product in question. No, they go to one of the big data gathering companies.

In the States, Facebook have a deal with the three biggest. This allows Facebook to give very precise target information for its advertisers. It means that ads can be shown to people in a particular pay bracket or who have bought a new car recently…

Declassified: Bringing Data Broker Secrets Out of the Shadows

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

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How to Win in Organic Search: Tips from Google, Bing and Brands

Winning in organic search means winning with content and it’s not for the faint of heart.

In the past year or so, organic search has seen major changes.

In 2013, we saw the Hummingbird infrastructure launched in Google Search and we experienced the end to keyword data in analytics due to 100 percent Secure Search. We also saw Google’s Panda become a staple facet of the algorithm by becoming a rolling update.

There were also additional expansions to the Knowledge Graph and the way it displays information in organic search, leading to things like the local carousel results and results from Google’s new voice search

Even with all the changes to the landscape, many of us realize that some things never change — like the tried and true approach of SEO and content — we’re just dealing with new ways of delivering.

In the past few weeks, BrightEdge has interviewed companies like Adobe, Bing, Google, Macy’s, Adidas, Majestic and Seagate Technology ahead of our Share14 conference. Our goal was to find out what brands and those close to the search industry think about the changes we’ve seen, how to respond to them and what’s on the horizon.

The SEO-Content Landscape: Changes and Their Aftermath

There’s no question that some of the changes in the past year or so are among the biggest shifts in years.

“This is my 14th year in the industry and the pace of change has never been greater,” says Dave Lloyd, senior manager of global search marketing at Adobe Systems. But even so, he adds, “The search marketing industry continues to evolve. Let’s face it: SEO performance relies on a business solid foundation and adapting regularly to changes in the industry.”

Bing’s Duane Forrester, head of its webmaster program, agrees that while there have been changes, there are also some things that remain the same, like content.

“This past year will be remembered as the ‘Year of Content.’ [There has been] so much conversation around how important content is, people moving budgets towards content efforts and so on,” Forrester says. “And yet, for all that talk and action, content has always been important.

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Not Everything in Today’s SEO Has to be Organic

No, I am not about to write about buying links…well, at least not directly. But I am going to suggest that today’s SEO is truly about the bringing together of cross-channel initiatives toward common goals.

For as long as I can recall, I have (to varying degrees) related the practice of SEO to PR. It’s certainly a lot more so today than it was ten years ago and this leads me to my point:

Today’s SEO is more about the amount and quality of outreach that you can do to pitch quality content to the right audience in the hope that you will grow the virility/exposure of that content. This, in turn, will hopefully lead to shares and then links and citations.

So, when you’re left to consider how you might go about amplifying the content, you can either spend the time (time = money) on outreach to influencers or you can buy your way into these audiences. And that’s a decision that should be made based on the ROI of such efforts.

Ego should not be involved. Results and ROI are what matter.

Case in point:

Recently, we needed to gain some traction for a client’s infographic. A good amount of time went into the research and development of this infographic, but, as you can imagine, the best infographic in the history of infographics means little if folks don’t see it and if it doesn’t create engagement.

We could certainly find thought leaders and influencers out there as this was for a niche audience, but we must also consider how much time it takes to build up the necessary/real relationships to earn the opportunity to pitch something to them. Is there a better/more efficient way? We thought so.

For $360 and some time spent testing and reporting, we promoted the company through Facebook Promoted Posts. For this amount of money, the ROI was pretty significant.

We were able to achieve a reach of 67,000 with 1,104 likes and six comments for this infographic. We also received 221 clicks to the website and 226 new page likes.

We were also able to include Twitter promotion within this (small) budget and

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Create LinkedIn Company Page For Your Business

Criteria for user to create LinkedIn Company page

Remember that there are strict guidelines to create a business page on LinkedIn.

    • There were obviously issues with duplicates and fakes in the past. As a result, LinkedIn now says that you have to have the company’s website address as the email address used to create your profile. So that is creator@NameOfCompanyWebsite.TLD


    • No gmail or hotmail addresses are allowed. To create LinkedIn business pages, the company’s email domain must be unique to the company.  This is something that small business should be particularly aware of. Many will not have bothered to set up a domain based email for their business. And it could cause them issues if they want to create a LinkedIn company page.


    • The person who wants to create the LinkedIn Company page must be a current employee with the position listed in the profile’s Experience section. And that profile must be at least Intermediate in strength. It must also have several connections already.

  • It should be noted that you should not create company profiles on LinkedIn. Profiles are for individuals and company pages are for businesses. If you are asked to connect with a business using a profile, you should decline or ignore such an invitation. LinkedIn have said that they will be closing down these profiles as they do not follow their guidelines.
create linkedin company page

create linkedin company page

How to make a LinkedIn Business Page for your Company

The first issue is being able to find out how to create a business page on LinkedIn. Remember it is actually called a Company page!

When I was producing the slides for my LinkedIn presentation, one week the Add a company button was there, the next week it wasn’t. And then it was back again.

If the button is there, you can just:
Hover over Interests in the navigation bar
Click Companies in the drop down menu
Then select the Add A Company option in the navigation bar on the right hand side.

If it is

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