Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages 2012 – But None Of Them Local

Social Media Examiner have compiled a list of their top ten small business Facebook Pages. See the list here

It was interesting to note that not one of the winning small businesses had its focus on local. They were all offering products or services that could scale to nationwide and, indeed, that’s what they did. There were no local businesses with a limited geographic reach.

Being available to that much bigger national demographic makes it easier to run competitions and do all the things that Facebook suggests you should do to get more visibility – because there are that many more people for them to market to.

Think of it like this – your local yoga centre is only ever going to be able to market to its immediate geographic area. People are unlikely to come to a weekly class on a regular basis when they live more than 30 miles away, no matter how good the teacher.

Your local solicitor has a better chance because they can travel to the client and also to the court in whose jurisdiction any case might be heard.

Therapists are a moot point. Lorna Withers told me about a client that she had been seeing for several years in her London clinic. When Lorna’s growing family meant that she needed to focus her attentions on her local clinics in Leigh and Southend, the client told her that he would still travel to see her there – even though it meant an hour’s train ride. ‘When you find a therapist that works for you, you don’t want to have to start the search again.’ But there are still limitations because new clients will prefer to look closer to home.

Businesses that supply and fit home security products also tend to be limited to a geographic area – albeit much larger than that covered by a local gym. Again, it’s because the fitters can travel to the

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