What Should I Post On Facebook?

Why Should I Post on Facebook?

Well the idea is to create ongoing massive engagement so that you turn your fans into profitable super fans. These are the ones who don’t just engage and tell people about you, they buy from you. The whole ethos for Facebook business marketing is to turn posts into profits.

what should i post on facebook

What Should I Post on Facebook?

Well the more you engage, the more you get seen so you should think of simple at a glance status updates of around 150 characters.

You should also remember that the audience to whom you are effectively selling may not have the same interests as you so step outside your niche, especially if you want them to share your content. When they share stuff, their friends see it, so you want to make people want to share.

Many people put up motivational posts and quotes that will resonate with their audience.

Dan Zarella has statistics which say that Photos get more likes and shares than Posts or Videos or Links but Posts can beat Photos for comments.

The thing about getting likes is that you have to remember to tell people what you want them to do. So, ask for the like in your status update ‘Click Like if you like this quote/photo – it’s one of my faves’. If you don’t give them instructions, then they will just look and then move on.

‘I’m putting together a *, let me know if you want a copy by putting yes in the comments box and liking this update’ This is a double whammy which can create massive engagement.

And, don’t just tell people, create an image to spark their attention. Images in the newsfeed get seen and shared more often than anything – even video – because they are eye-catching and thought provoking. People like them enough to want to pass them on.

A lot of people put up images that include great quotes. Statistics say that the greatest proportion of our learning occurs visually – only 10% will remember

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