Why Businesses Should Be Defining Themselves With Pictures

visualise your data infographicHaving spent the last few months working on how to crystallise what we do as a company into an image for the website header, the new Facebook timeline for business pages forced my hand and we had to make a decision fast.

Facebook’s brief was to have a visual representation of what your Page/Brand/Product is all about with very few words and definitely no Calls to Action.

The ensuing image of the lollipop lady directing social media and SEO traffic across the road says far more about what we do than long winded intimidating phrases like social media optimisation.

The more I learn about the ways that Timeline for Business can be used, the more apparent it becomes that pictures are the way forward when it comes to marketing.

And no one can have missed the huge increase in the number of infographics. These pictorial representations of statistics tell stories and speak to people in a way that a long body of text never could. They are also incredibly easy to share and I saw heard some statistics on one webinar which said that people were 40% more likely to share an infographic – even if the information it contained was not particulary inciteful.

As is shown in this infographic about the importance of visual content many people have short attention spans when it comes to words and they really do want it spelled out to them in images.

So, your website needs to be more image heavy – just remember that search engine spiders and bots cannot see pictures so make sure they all have alt tags that explain what they are all about and also that you need to compress images for the web so they don’t use up all your hosting bandwidth.

Your social media platforms can all benefit from this basic image with variations depending upon the size of image allowed and what you are trying to achieve.

On Facebook, you need the big cover

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